Free Image Scraper – Semalt Advice

You may have already come across several online tools for scraping images on the web but one of the easiest tools to use for this purpose is Saveallimages. The most important reason you should use this tool is that it does not require any programming skills. And in addition, it is completely free!

The way it works:

You don't have to click on images one after the other because it's conventional and time wasting method. You only need to enter the URL or link to a website the images of which you intend to scrape in the template provided. Then, click any of the buttons offered below. The tool saves all the required images in zip files.

There are four buttons underneath and they are for different saving modes. You only need to click the most preferred option for you. The buttons are for casual, full, pagination, and aggressive image saving modes.

  • Casual: This mode saves all the main images on the current page.
  • Full: This mode is meant for saving images from thumbnails on the current page.
  • Pagination: This mode is for saving images on a webpage that has pagination. However, you should understand that this mode takes a relatively longer time to run.
  • Aggressive: This mode saves as many images as possible on the current page and related pages as well.

To use this free tool, you need to register on There are two types of memberships. You can become a free member or a premium member. In fact, it is advisable to become a free member to try the tool before upgrading your membership.

As a free member, you can only scrape 25 images per request. In addition, the images will be saved with limited features. Secondly, the images will be saved with some watermarks and ads.

On the other hand, as a premium member, you can scrape up to 1500 images per request. The images will have no watermark features and no ads. In addition, only premium members can use both pagination and aggressive save modes. You can become a premium member for just $3 per month.

The tool works well on different browsers. It supports Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, and Google Chrome. Besides, it works on Android, Windows and IOS. You can get it on Google Play.

It saves images with the minimum width of 150 pixels and minimum height of 150 pixels. Like all apps, it is updated regularly with more features.

In summary, the features that make "Save all images" a better application than most web scrapers are:

• It is very easy to understand and use;

• Since it saves all the images on webpage at once, it saves a lot of time;

• Even non-programmers can use it since it does not require any programming knowledge;

• You don't need to download and install any application;

• It supports all browsers and mobile platforms;

• Most importantly, it is completely free except if you want to upgrade your membership.

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